how to align your spine at home

How to Align Your Spine At Home


A misaligned spine can cause pain and discomfort throughout the day. Many people with spinal misalignment assume compensatory postures that put pressure on other parts of the body. This means that if your spine is misaligned, you could be at risk for chronic conditions and further injury.

Some people are able to keep their spine in alignment by maintaining good posture, strengthening their muscles and treating their body right. If you’re suffering from spinal misalignment, here are a few things that you can try at home to keep your spine healthy.

Practice Healthy Walking Habits

Walking is a great low-impact exercise that can help strengthen your muscles. Walking can also help you avoid or alleviate some back problems.

  • Stand straight while walking.
  • Avoid distractions like cell phone usage – distracted walking can lead to slips and falls.
  • Take relatively small strides.

Lift the Right Way

If your spine is currently out of alignment, heavy lifting can cause considerable pain and more damage. It’s important to avoid lifting heavy objects at this time. Instead, use smart lifting practices and only lift what you can handle without straining.

Use your leg muscles, and whenever possible, bend at your knees. If you’re carrying a handbag, alternate which side you’re keeping it on. Avoid carrying heavy handbags. If you’re carrying a backpack, use both shoulder straps to keep the backpack in place. When lifting a heavy object like a box, keep it close to your chest.

Sit Well While Driving

Driving can be hard on the back, causing aches and pains of many kinds. Keep your daily commute as short as possible. When driving for long periods of time, take frequent breaks to give your back a rest.

Keep your seat close to the steering column to ensure that you can depress both pedals the full amount while your knees are still bent and your back is against the back of the seat. Always keep your back against the seat to ensure that your back has the full support it needs.

When you recline the seat, don’t recline it more than about 5 degrees. When you sit, your hips and knees should be in alignment. If they aren’t, then adjust the seat or buy a cushion.

Sleep the Smart Way

Sleep is a time of rejuvenation, but for some people, sleeping is a time when aches and pains become worse. By choosing the right sleeping position and by supporting your body during sleep, you can turn sleeping time into time when you realign your spine.

  • Sleep on your spine.
  • Place a flat pillow between your legs to keep your spine in alignment with your legs.
  • Purchase a supportive pillow and mattress. Firm mattresses are generally best for overall back health.
  • Avoid sleeping on your stomach.

Stay in Alignment While Sitting

When you sit down, maintain proper posture with both feet on the floor. If your chair is too tall for both feet to be on the floor, replace the chair or get an ergonomic foot rest. Don’t sit for too long! Move around regularly to avoid putting extra pressure on your back. When you stand up after sitting for a long time, stretch your muscles including your shoulders, arms and legs. As you did while driving, keep your back against the back of the chair. If you work at home, invest in an ergonomic work chair with adjustable arms, back, height and more.

Stay Fit with Yoga or Pilates

Yoga is a system for exercising and relaxing that can help reduce muscle tension and build muscle strength. Since emotional tension can contribute to spinal misalignment nearly as much as physical injury, it’s important to keep your muscle tension as low as possible. Yoga can help with this. By reducing feelings of anxiety, yoga can help keep your back in alignment.

Pilates is another form of exercise that can help build your core muscles. This can reduce the chances of back injury and help keep your back in alignment.

Both pilates and yoga are forms of exercise that can be done at home. In fact, you can watch guided yoga and pilates programs on television or online.

Use the Spine Aligner

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